Vincent Llobrera is a good man

I lost my wallet today. Luckily, I got it back within 5 minutes of losing it. For that, I have a man named Vincent Llobrera to thank.

If you are a person who's in a situation where you have to evaluate Vincent's character and strengths, here's my two cents.

Vincent found my wallet. The wallet was lost in a shopping outlet in Gilroy, so he knew he should act fast before I would leave the area.

The wallet didn't include my contact information, but that didn't stop him. He found a business card in the wallet, so he immediately called that person, and asked them to relay to me his contact information and the fact that I had lost the wallet.

Based on my driver's licence Vincent also tracked me down on Facebook.

I got a call from the aforementioned friend, who gave me Vincent's phone number and name. I called Vincent, who told me to wait where I was standing and brought me back the wallet within a minute.

I don't know Vincent, but based on this experience I'd say that Vincent is an honest man, a quick-witted man and a man of action.

If I were you, I'd hire him.

Thank you, Vincent.