Pasi and Thingsee travel to Silicon Valley

Why did you go to San Francisco? That is the question I get asked every day. The short answer is: I'm here to introduce soon-to-be-launched Thingsee One to journalists, investors and potential partners. But that would make it seem like I have everything planned out and in control.

The truth might be closer to the classic structure of a Pixar movie: I'm a cute and clueless character thrown into a game few magnitudes bigger that I can handle. Now I have to grow up fast and save the day! Somehow!


The main difference, of course, is, that there is no bad guy to beat in this story and it's not a given that I'll come out on top in the end.

Mostly my job is to talk about Thingsee. I tell people about the product, but I also try to go beyond. I need to be able to tell a story that moves people, be they investors, journalists or a potential partner. I need to convince people with 3 minute pitches that what we do makes a difference.

I need to be able to convey to potential investors my unwaivering trust in my team 5000 miles away. I need to make investors feel that the team will go above and beyond. I need to pursuade investors that our plan can and will return their investments 100-fold. Our partners must find a way to trust us and to build with us. Journalists must come to feel the importance of our cause.

The scary thing and the awesome thing is that there is nobody telling me what to do. There is not set way to do this. There is no right way to do this.

I have 29 days to make the Valley belive.

Luckily, I'm not alone in this. I have my crew backing me up, supporting me, if I need it. Our intern Juha has been doing a terrific job setting up meetings. Same goes for Hannu from Haltian Inc.

We will change how IoT is build. Thingsee will play in the big leagues.

Cover photo by Michela