Kinda Like Progress

Every now and then I have an urge to write a blog post. Many times I end up upgrading my blogging engine instead. The problem is that my brain thinks I did something useful.

As my first blog post states, I've might have installed more blogging platforms for myself than I have written actual posts. With this blog I'm using a somewhat experimental blogging engine, Ghost, that I run on my own server.

Almost every time I'm about to start working on an idea, there's an update to Ghost with some significant new feature I need to have on my site. I end up working with the server instead of working on the idea.

Instead of writing something down, working on it and sharing it with other people, I run twiddle on my server. It has this illusion of being meaningful and worthwhile, even though my readers rarely notice any difference after the updates.

My brain is especially good at finding new avenues of procrastiantion. Many of these avenues have the illusionary quality of seeming important and worthwhile: sudden urges to have to clean and do other household chores when I was supposed study for an exam, or trying to find just the right tool for the job, or working on the styling before I have the content down.

These things give you an illusion of progress despite being pointless or at least less significant than the main task.

It's especially easy for me to fall into these traps if I have no clearly stated goal with what I am doing.

Today I had a clear goal: to write and publish a blog post.

Cover image by Toni Hansen Tobing