Hi, I'm Pasi Jokinen.

I get to think about systems for a living. I'm facinated by emergent things. I love to debate & to poke at things — to create feedback loops.

VP of Business Development at Haltian, a startup building mobile wearables. We've created Snowfox, a trackerphone for kids, among other things.

Member of the Board of Directors at Fingersoft, the maker of the Hill Climb Racing series.

Previously I helped create the Thingsee One sensor device as the CEO of Thingsee, and built web applications with a small team of experts as the managing director of Workflower.

Before that I was a higher education policy wonk, as a board member of Turku School of Economics and as a member of the Turku University Consortium steering committee.

You can find me on Twitter as @pasiaj.