Tämä sanomalehti nettosi mainosrahaa valheilla

Turun Sanomien toimitus toteutti sunnuntaina monitasoisen journalistisen epäonnistumisen, joka ansaitsee julkista noottia sekä analyysiä. TS:n nettilehden artikkeli "Valtion taloushallintoon 2 000 henkeä lisää" uutisoi mittavasta työntekijämäärän kasvusta valtion taloushallinnossa »

Why Young Founders Succeed

I've been gathering my thoughts since Startup School Europe a few weeks ago. The event was wonderful. It got me thinking about some things that have been bothering me for »

Cargo Cultism of Finnish Venture Funding

The way venture capital works in Finland is dissimilar to any other country in the world. It used to be handled by the state, mostly, and the government still is »

Hacking LinkedIn for Fun & Profit

A couple of months ago I got really frustrated with LinkedIn endorsement boxes. I tried to hack myself out of the situation but failed miserably. Does Ville know Web Development »

12 years later

I wrote my first blog post around 12 years ago. Since then I've probably installed more blogging platforms, content management systems or custom websites for myself than I've written posts »